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Welcome to the Ingenieurgesellschaft Schlüter & Tegeler mbH

For more than twenty years, we have been working primarily in the areas of work safety and environmental protection. The guiding idea of our daily work is the prevention of work-related health hazards, damages to the environment as well as guaranteeing the safety of other parties on construction sites.

Our new service profile Sustainability Management transfers classic sustainability topics to construction and maintenance projects. By considering environmental and social risks, future regulations on climate protection and supply chains will also be taken into account.

In total, our office has supervised around 1500 construction and maintenance projects of all types and sizes in Western Europe and Southeast Asia. We will gladly send you a list of our references upon request.

Occupational Health and Safety Coordination

Occupational Health and Safety Coordination

This is the Occupational Health and Safety Coordination according to the Construction Site Ordinance of 10 June 1998.


Our Health, Safety and Environment Management (HSE-Management) service profile is an extended, safety-related supervision of construction sites. As with the service profile Occupational Health and Safety Coordination, we distinguish between a planning phase and an execution phase.

Additional service: Provision of construction-related safety supervisors

HSE Management
Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management

Our Sustainability Management for construction sites service is an HSE system for construction sites in which classic sustainability aspects are additionally transferred to the natural regenerative capacity.

Sustainability considerations are initiated in particular by the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains, which came into force in January 2023. In this context, our HSE Management is preceded by a risk assessment with regard to sustainability.