Health, Safety and Environment-Management

Our service profile Health, Safety and Environment Management (HSE-Management) is an extended safety-related supervision of construction sites and maintenance measures. As with the service Occupational Health and Safety Coordination, we distinguish between a planning and an execution phase:

Health, Safety and Environment-Management

Planning Phase

In the planning phase, a so-called HSE plan is drawn up and adjusted on a project-specific basis. Here, resource planning for the HSE services, the definition of supporting routines as well as the description of minimum standards for the concrete implementation is among the considered aspects. The evaluation and improvement processes also play an important role in this context. For measures within the scope of the Construction Site Ordinance, occupational health and safety coordination is integrated into the HSE-Management.

Execution Phase

In the execution phase, the HSE plan agreed upon in the planning phase is implemented on the construction site or in the maintenance project.

Additional Services

We provide the following services as individual services or embedded in a project-related HSE-Management:

Construction-Related Safety Supervisors

Construction-related safety supervisors support the implementation of occupational health and safety requirements on the construction site in a defined subarea within the framework of a specific task. They are seen as the “long arm” of the HSE-Manager or the occupational health and safety coordinator for the execution phase and are used to monitor the safe execution of “classic” construction tasks in contrast to site security or the so-called “manhole guards” for confined spaces. The construction-related security supervisors are optimally trained and hold the required construction knowledge.

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Health, Safety and Environment-Management